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    May 18, 2013
    11:00 - 11:31pm PDT  

so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. >> tonight we have the biggest jackpot in powerball history, it's an estimated $595.5 million. >> we have a winner tonight, just one ticket has all the matching numbers. and it's worth nearly $600 million. >> good evening. check i don't really tickets, here are the winning numbers, 10, 13, 14, 22, 52 and the power ball number 11.
in this instant a person or a group of people are very lucky. and there's winners in california, including someone who won plenty after buying a ticket in the south bay. we are outside the lucky store tonight. hello, gorng. >> hi, diane, it was not me. i will say it off the bat, it wasn't me. someone, we do not know who it is, hit 5 of 5 numbers but not the powerball number. they bought it here. and we went inside earlier and the folks, the workers inside had no idea that it happened, so they are excited about it. if you bought your powerball ticket here. you will be the winner of $2.3 million. and tonight, we went to a liquor store with a history of winners. t they stood in line with cash in hand and money on their mind. 6 is $00 million to be exact.
and why not buy your tickets at one of the luckiest places in california. hannah's bottle shop. >> two people won one million each just by playing scratchers. >> i was told it's a lucky store. so my luck may change. >> california has been playing the powerball since early april. six numbers could change all that. >> here are the numbers. >> the shop is cashing in with the power ball jackpot so high, they sell a average of 3,000 lottery tickets per day. you can imagine on this day, it's crazy and why is the shop so lucky? >> we sell winners. >> well, $40 million, that is what it is going to be at the next lottery, the next power ball on wednesday. so, we go from $600 million down
to $40 million. if you bought your power ball ticket here, check it, you could be a $2.3 million richer. >> we are live in san jose tonight, nbc bay area news. >>late, thank you,er george, technically here in california, there's 769,585 winners exactly. in addition to the numbers that matched five numbers, other players scored some cash. the smallest amount, $3 forgetting the power number. since the capsizing of the yacht, the luna rosa carried out maneuvers. the skipper said today's weather was ideal for a first trial and that the real hurdle was being ready to resume sailing after what happened last week.
>> the san jose sharks took a big hit. a $100,000 fine by the nhl, after a raffi torres was suspended for an illegal hit during game one, wilson said that the hit was clean and league's decision inappropriate and the league ruled that comment inappropriate and required the teams to wait two days before commenting on a decision. they did not let the find bring them down tonight, in over time, sharks win. reaction from the team coming up in sports. a san francisco man who was found not guilty after attacking a priest that he said raped him as a child is trying to change state law to help other victims. he met with the state senator. he said that the priest raped
him when he was 7 years old. the statute of limitations made it impossible for him to be held legally responsible which is why he wanted to meet with the senator. he wants to repeal the statute of limitations all together. >> if we increase their exposure so they can be sued by anyone at any time for these egregious problems that happened, people will come forward and do what they need to do and the church will clean it up from within. >> he said that he wants to put the measure on the ballot to repeal the statute of limitations in california. we are learning more about a crash connect to the amgen tour of california that involved a chp officer. it happened near 12:30 in brentwood. the officer was on a motorcycle just ahead of the pack of
cyclists when a car turned in front of him and they collided. the officer was flown to the hospital. and we are getting word that he could be released as early as tomorrow. not clear yet whether the driver of the car will face charges. hundreds of people lined up for a chance to get free dental work. today was the start of the two-day clinic staffed by volunteer dentists from around the state. services were everything basic exams and root canals and extractions. 30% of californians, some 11 million people do not have dental insurance. >> we should be able to see at least 1500 patients a this two-day event here and that represents only a drop in the bucket for all of the unmet needs that are out there in the state of california. >> because it's first come and first serve, some people camped out overnight, the services are
free, but have you have to pay for parking. next, at 11:00. >> i told him no. no. no i don't want to do it this way. like -- >> she entered her professor's office to discuss a grade and he admits that he crossed a line. the bay area university decided not the discipline the instructor. and it would be a big buy for the company yahoo tonight, they are planning to purchase in the next couple of days and changing comes to saturday ni t night. ♪ alright, let's go.
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>> yahoo is about to buy the online content sharing tight tumbler. they are going to vote on the purchase tomorrow. that is a six-year-old social networking site popular among teenagers and young adults. >> a student went to her professor's office to contest a grade and said a lot more happened behind closed doors. a professor admitted of crossing the line and the university decided not to discipline him. nine months later after her report, no resolution or discipline handed out to the san jose state instructor. he looked at me, and touched me and said, how do you want to better your grade? >> she asked us to disguise her
e eidentity because she still goe to san jose state. >> he continued to touch me. >> and an after hours meeting up the stair case. >> i told him no. no. like, i don't want to do it this way. i'm not this type of person. >> a secluded office and then stradeled me and put his hand up my shirt and wetter. >> she scheduled the meeting to find out why she got a d plus the prior semester, she learned that he found out she plaguerized a significant amount of the paper. he blocked the stairs and said, the only way i will let you leave is if i can grab your butt, and it has to be how i
want to grab it. >> this is professor jeffrey mathis to hear his side of what happened in his office after hours when he did not return our e-mails and calls. we met him on campus after class. >> i want to hear your side of the story, what happened that night? did you make a mistake? >> well, unfortunately because of what i was told by both hr and the pd here i'm not allowed to talk about it. he did not acknowledge the mistake to us but he did in an e-mail. he said i've been thinking about last night and i have come to the conclusion that i made a terrible mistake in how i handled that situation. >> the e-mail said that you came to the conclusion you made a terrible mistake. did you? >> mr. mathis did talk with university police at san jose state. the day after the meeting in his office his former student filed
this incident report. mathis was under investigation for false imprison pt and sexual battery. he denied any criminal wrongdoing at the conclusion of the investigation, no charges were filed. >> every thing that that professor said in there was a lie. and he said that it was -- i wanted to kiss him. i wanted him. and everything was just a lie. >> the e-mail he wrote to the student also included i will change your grade to a b minus for free because it's the right way to handle this. >> why do you think he offered to change your grade? >> because he knows what he did was wrong. >> the student wants to know if you were disciplined and perhaps other students should know. can you tell us if you were disciplined? >> i cannot. i was told not to talk about it. >> san jose state declined the request for an interview, and through a spokes person said there was no pldiscipline airy
hearing. >> i find it surprising, simply because we have acknowledgment by the instructor. >> beth is an expert in human relations she regularly provides testimony in the courtroduring >> when you read the report from the university and you know there's no formal hearing and no discipline, what does that say? >> in essence when you have a policy that is recognized as violated by an investigator, and there's no response to that particular violation in essence you are condoning the behavior. >> she is referencing violations to the university's code of conduct. the university also conducted its own investigation nbc bay area obtained a copy of the confidential report and it reads in part, there's insufficient evidence against professor mathis to substantiate the claim
of sexual assault. and said he admits to kissing and touching the plaintiff. and said he felt it was consensual. he has the duty not to allow situations to develop. >> from a professional standpoint, did he cross the line here? >> absolutely. >> no question? >> no. >> why? >> because he had power over the grade. >> this is your name, this is your reputation. >> in there. >> this is your name and reputation, i'm giving you a chance to defend it, do you want to explain it to us? >> nbc bay area news. the university overruled mathis on the grade change he offered in the e-mail to the student, san jose state declined several tuns to complain the -- several opportunities to explain
the decision not to discipline the professor. >> well, with two popular races happening in the bay area this weekend, law enforcement is on high alert. nbc bay area's monte francis has more. >> not long after cyclists in the amgen tour of california went through livermore, police shut down a large section of the downtown area, that includes this restaurant. >> it's scary, i was thinki ini about it the other night, what happened in boston. >> the package found in a dumpster that was supposed to be empty on second street turned out to be a box of post cards. but the scare meant 2 to 3 hours of lost revenue for downtown
businesses on one of the biggest weekends of the year. >> if it's fake or not, it shuts it all down. and hurts the businesses. >> crews are putting up barriers for tomorrow's beta breakers considered one of the country's largest and most eccentric foot races. with 30,000 registered runners and an expected 70,000 spectators, 5 our police departments are going to help provide security along with the fbi. >> we will have the bomb teches on scene to allow for rapid response to any package and we will have k-nines around and then also 16 neighboring agencies have provided religional support with regard to bomb teches and dogs. >> with images of last month's terror ifrt attack fresh in everyone's mind. when it comes to big events the police say they will not take any chances. again, that was monte
francis reporting. >> rob here to talk about the weather. nice one today rob. >> yeah, and nicer tomorrow. for the events over the weekend. the shark fest swim tomorrow morning, it will be cool and sunny. we have 50s and 60s right now, interesting here in the north bay. our temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees warmer that is the same time last night, and we are starting to see the winds change direction here in the north bay. northwest wind at times and we will see it clearing out the patchy low clouds that we have on the coasts for tonight. mostly sunny skies tomorrow and breezy and dry. the system is tossing showers and with the wind directions, it will turn off shore so we will
have to watch out for fire danger. maybe not so much tomorrow, but by monday winds turn off shore and we will see the temperatures climb up to the 80s to near 90 degrees, and unfortunately maybe fire danger if the wind gusts are picking up in the hill tops up to 30 to 40 miles an hour at times. for one damon and then the temperatures cool down again as we go toward tuesday. south bay, we will see highs in the low to mid 80s from san jose south and close to 90 in pleasanton. 84 in livermore and oakland looking sun and i windy. warmest day ahead for monday. we will see highs as hot as the low 90s. 70s in the forecast there for monday. tuesday and wednesday, the temperatures start to drop and once they do, i think we will stay there for a while, as the sea breeze picks up and we see morning clouds return, so in the
meantime, a lot of events. >> a perfect day. >> it will be. >> thank you, rob. >> when we come back, a thriller at the shark tank tonight.
>> only three teams have come from being down three games to none, so the sharks needed to
avoid falling into the hole tonight in front of their home crowd and avoid they did. game three was the sharks and kings at the tank. 1:34 after the opening face off and boyle's slap shot finds the back of the net. later in the period, the bad turnover by the sharks. and tyler beat niemi. this game is tied. it goes to over time. sharks on the power play. logan couture, he overcomes a leg injury from the second period to hit the game winner and the sharks now trail the series, 2 games to 1. it was really, really important win for us. we felt we let one get away in l.a. so we had to come back and answer. and we have done it in our building. and you know, i think it was kenny said in detroit, you are never really, really in trouble until you lose your first game at home. it's a big win for us. >> giants and rockies and coors
field, a rough one for tim lincecum, down three runs already. rosario, no doubt about this one. a 2-run shot and the giants lose, 10-2. lincecum lasted five innings and gave up six earned in the loss. better news tore the a's. stomper, ready for star trek firework night. the a's make fireworks themselves. brandon moss. into the gap, the rbi triple, 23rd rbi this season. 2-1 the final. the 138th preakness stakes, orb was a heavy favorite, and oxbo wins the second leg of the triple crown as the sixth preakness win for d wayne lucas. and the sharks get a chance to tie up the series with l.a. tuesday night at 7:00, you can see the game on nbc sports
network and we will have all the coverage right here. we will be back with more news after the break. wow, the track looks perfect.
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historical, almost. >> almost. >> that is it, good night, enjoy "saturday night live."
i'm al sharpton. [ applause ] i'm super skinny now, but for some reason this here camera, i don't know. anyway, republicans are mad because the tea party has been targeted by the "urs."
i'm sorry. what? excuse me, the irs. but what they fail to realize is that this has been happening to us for the past 50 years. let's talk about it. ♪ >> president obama has been clear. he thinks the irs playing politics with nonprofits is nutrageous. but all republicans want to do is spout conspiracy theorize -- excuse me. conspiracy theories. they just don't seem to hold up. joining me is dana milbank of "the washington post." >> hello there, reverend. >> dana, what is this about? >> well, once again, republicans are taking a real problem and attaching unreal political motives to it. >> okay, but i wanna know. what is this about? you're a man but your name is dana. >> well, al. but there's lo